What is Individual Quick Freezing (IQF)?
Fruit that is frozen for future use must be frozen correctly to prevent deterioration, reduction in quality, and fading of color. When this fruit is frozen, the faster the temperature is lowered, the better the quality of the fruit. This method is often called "quick freezing".

Generally, fresh fruit you buy and freeze in your home freezer does not have the same quality as the fruit you buy already frozen. This is because the home freezer does not freeze fruit fast enough. When freezing is done slowly, large ice crystals expand in the fruit's cells and tear them. This is why you often see a puddle of liquid when the fruit is thawed; this is its flavor and quality escaping. The thawed fruit has poorer texture, taste, and color.

Fruits that are slowly frozen are also exposed for a longer period of time to negative factors such as bacteria, mold, and yeast growth. This adds to the deterioration of the fruit while freezing.

In contrast, when fresh fruit is frozen very quickly, the crystals of ice formed are extremely small and leave the fruit's structure intact. Decomposition during freezing is prevented by the quick cooling of temperature. After thawing, the fruit still has the quality of fresh fruit. This includes the preservation of the fruit's vitamins and minerals.

Quick freezing of solid fruit pieces is called "individual quick freezing". It is often done without the fruit touching other pieces. This allows the fruit to freeze as fast as possible, and makes IQF fruit the next best thing to having fresh fruit.

Once IQF fruits are defrosted, they must be completely consumed and not be frozen again using a home freezer.